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ECVP 2014

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This year at ECVP we’re providing an app that will run on all mobile platforms, as well as your laptop.

More specifically, the app is compatible with iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and Android devices. Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry users can access the same information via their browser.

Just click on the badge above or visit and search for ECVP 2014

To view the app on your laptop simply visit

Below are some further instructions for downloading and using the app. For any questions or comments about the app, please contact Ian Thornton


1) What is Guidebook?

Guidebook is a development environment that allows event organizers to easily and inexpensively create an app for all types of mobile devices.

This year, we’ve created the ECVP 2014 app using this environment to allow more flexible access to material.

2) How do I get the App?

Just use this link

or visit

and search for ECVP 2014

For iOS and Android users, the first step is to download the generic Guidebook app, then locate the ECVP 2014 guide. For all other users, the guide is accessed directly through your usual web browser.

Just in case, the Redeem Code for the ECVP 2014 guide is: zn7up5x6

If you already have Guidebook on a device, you can simply scan this code from within the app



3) How do I use the App?

There’s a very detailed user guide, taking you through all of the generic Guidebook features here

Some of these features may not be implemented in the current guide. Happy to receive suggestions on features you think might make useful additions in the context of ECVP.

Click HERE for an ECVP specific FAQ sheet that may answer general questions on using the guide.

For any other questions, please just email me (or stop me at the meeting) and ask!!

I’d also be happy to hear general comments and suggestions on how we could improve this sort of app in the future.

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