VSAC 2014
VSAC 2014
ECVP 2014


Abstracts can be submitted between January 25, 2014 and May 18, 2014.

In order to submit an abstract you must be registered for the conference. Please register at your earliest convenience.

You can only submit one abstract as a first author and you can specify if you prefer oral or poster presentation. There is no submission limit for co-authorship.

Abstracts should be a maximum of 200 words long (title, authors, affiliations and grant information / funding acknowledgment not included). You can either type your abstract into the designated field or copy and paste text from a text editor (e.g., Word or Pages).

Abstract guidelines. Authors are urged to write as clearly as possible (in English). Please do not use abbreviations.

Authors should put an emphasis on what they judge to be of greatest importance and interest, and, where possible, clearly state theoretical implications.

The SI system of units should be used. 

If necessary include references using APA format.

***Please note:
Following Pion's adoption of APA style, effective from January 2014, ECVP abstract referencing style has also changed.

When citing previous literature, please provide names and date information only. For example:
      • After attending an interesting conference, lab productivity tends to increase exponentially (Smith & Jones, 2010).
      • Smith and Jones (2010) reported that after attending an interesting conference, lab productivity tends to increase exponentially.

No further information will be required. For details of formatting with multiple authors, etc., please refer to the APA guidelines for in-text citations.

If you are considering an oral presentation, you can optionally include a one-page PDF extended summary with additional information, figures, equations and/or references. This document should provide additional information for the reviewers and explain/support your claims in more detail. Specifically, it should allow reviewers to better judge your contributions' novelty, importance and originality. Please use a font size no less than 10pt and leave at least 1 cm space at the page borders. You do not need to include your abstract and author names in the extended summary: reviewers will have access to both documents. Document should not exceed 10 MB.

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