VSAC 2014
VSAC 2014
ECVP 2014


Sava Centar,
Milentija Popovića 9
11070 Belgrade, Serbia
www.savacentar.net </p>

The Sava Centre is the largest congress, cultural and business centre in Serbia, as well as in the region. It is situated in one of the most attractive parts of Belgrade, only five minutes away from the city centre and fifteen minutes away from the airport.

For those coming by car, there is a large parking area for more than 900 vehicles. Three bus lines as well as three tram lines connect Sava Centar with various stops within the City.

The ECVP Banquet on August 26th will be held on the city lake at the restaurant Jezero www.jezeroada.rs
Tickets will cost 45 Euros per person and will include transportation from Sava Centar.

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