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Transport around Belgrade

Belgrade’s buses, trams and trolley busses make it easy to move around the city. A particularly useful route for the visitors is tram 2, which circles the city centre, connecting the train and bus station with Square Slavija and the Old town.

Public Transport
All registered participant will be able to use public transport simply by showing their registration badge. The badge gives delegates free access to the public transportation system in Belgrade for the entire duration of 37th ECVP Conference.

Please note: On buses and trams, you will not need to show your badge when you enter the vehicle. Just board the bus/tram and be prepared to show your badge if asked by a ticket inspector.

Taxis are available throughout the city of Belgrade, especially at the airport, train station and hotels.

Taxi prices (in RSD) Day prices* Night prices Weekends
Start 170 170 170
1 Kilometer 65 85 130
1 hour of waiting 750 750 750
*Taxi between the Venue and city centre is about 5 Euros.

Tram lines 7, 9 and 13 and bus line 95 connect the Sava Centar with the city centre.

Rent-a-car. All major car rental companies are present in Belgrade and you can pick up your car at the airport or in various city locations.

Rent-a-bike. In general, Belgrade is not a bike friendly city. It has a lot of traffic, drivers are not accustomed to bikes on the roadway and there are no designated areas for bikes. The situation is somewhat better if you are staying in Novi Beograd, i.e. on the same side of the river as the Conference venue, Sava Centar. In that case you can rent a bike at Planet-bike-rent

Parking at the conference venue. There is a vast parking lot at the conference venue, price is about 50 Euro cents an hour.

Parking in the city. There are parking areas (Serbian: parking zona) all over the city centre that can be paid using txt messages from your cell phone. You need to pay for parking between 7am and 9 pm on working days and 7am and 2 pm on Saturday.

Parking is paid on an hourly basis and zones are colour coded based on the maximum length of the stay (after which you need to leave and must not park in the same colour area for the next half an hour)

Colour Max length of the stay Number
Red 1 hour + 381 11 911 1
Yellow 2 hours + 381 11 911 2
Green 3 hours + 381 11 911 3

The following traffic signs will be visible in each parking area:

There are also multi-storey car parks around the city; one hour parking is between 1 and 2 Euros per hour.

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