VSAC 2014
VSAC 2014
ECVP 2014


Saturday the 23th

Symposium 1: On the dynamics of aesthetic experience

16:00-17:15                               Hall 1/B                               Organizer: Claus-Christian Carbon


Aesthetic processing and its dynamics

Claus-Christian Carbon


The time course of aesthetic experiences

Johan Wagemans, S. Verhavert, Dorothee, M. Augustin


The structure and dynamics of such microgenetic processes from a formal perspective

Jan Koenderink


Pleasure by irritation: lessons from artworks and illusions on the
active creation of meaning

Marius H. Raab, Claudia Muth, Claus-Christian Carbon


Dynamics of brain networks in the aesthetic appreciation

J. García-Prieto, J. & C. Cela-Conde

Sunday the 24th

Symposium 2: From East to West: Art & Science across Time & Space

11:00 - 12:00                    Hall 1/B               Organizers: Branka Špehar and Jasmina                                                                               Stevanov</span>


Texture and Gestalt in naturalistic Japanese design

Gert J. van Tonder


Ecological Influences on Color Preferences in Japan, China, and the US

Stephen E. Palmer, Karen B. Schloss, Kazuhiko Yokosawa, Michiko Asano,
Nanami Kanazawa, Tianquan Guo, Vivian Wung, Fangyuan Chai, Kaiping Peng


Perceiving time in still pictures and the temporal aspect of art perception

Kayo Miura


Temporal aspects of the allocation of gaze in paintings

Johannes M. Zanker

Symposium 3: What visual art and artistic expertise tell us about perception

14:00 - 15:30</span>              Center for the Promotion of Science                Organizer: Bilge Sayim


Interdisciplinary approaches in vision: on the fruitful collaboration of artists and scientists

Bilge Sayim


Schemata and the Innocent Eye: Evidence from the study of perceptual processing in observational drawing

Rebecca Chamberlain, Chris McManus


Egocentric Perspective, and the problems of depicting it

Robert Pepperell


Testing Ruskin: Seeing, drawing and remembering complex curves

Chris McManus, Beatrice Tan Zhi Ying, Eleanor Fleming, Huen Tung Pandora Lee,
Rebecca Chamberlain


Investigating the effect of mood on the allocation of gaze in paintings

Johannes M. Zanker, Bernd Bauermeister, Jordan Green, Farial Missi


Perceiving Visual Delight: The Tension between Surface Qualities and
Illusory Depth in Drawing

Howard Riley

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